Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems

Only Get the Home Security You Need

Tired of paying too much money on a security system that doesn’t even cover your entire home? At Holland Security Services, we only sell custom home security systems so you get exactly what you need and not forced bundled packages. Holland Security Services provides you with the latest advancements from Alarm.com, Napco, and ZWave, the leaders in security products and services.

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Why get a custom home security system from Holland Security Services?

Many security companies force you to buy security system packages. So you either spend too much and get security products you don’t need. Or you buy a smaller package that leaves your home’s security weak points exposed.

But Holland Security Services wants you to have a custom security system that fits your home’s security needs like a glove. To do that, we’ll ask you these important questions when building your system:

  • What security features are most important to you?
  • Are you more concerned about protection when you are home or away?
  • What areas of your home do you feel are most vulnerable?
  • If you would break into your own home, how would you do it?
  • What do you want most from your security company?

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Committed to Your safety

Holland Security Services will work with you to assess your own unique security requirements for your home and your lifestyle. Our commitment to you and your family begins when we evaluate your security needs, surveying your living environment and habits to recommend the one of the most critical pieces to protecting your home- your alarm system.

State-of-the-art services

Offering state-of-the-art services for intrusion alarms, monitoring and video surveillance, Holland Security Services delivers confidence and peace-of-mind by allowing you to use latest technology to secure your family even when you’re not there! An example of that is the scenario using your smartphone to know when your family comes and goes all from the palm of your hand.

Wireless Security systems

Many home security systems rely on hard-wired, phone-line monitoring, leaving the home vulnerable to being disabled by cutting the phone line. Holland Security Services’ wireless security systems protect any home with or without a phone line, assuring that your home and family are protected at all times.

Reliable monitoring

Home security monitoring ensures your well-being, providing a fast, reliable emergency response to protect the valuables in your life. Holland Security Services offers redundant, cellular monitoring which means that your home is monitored using dedicated, secure cellular communication to two monitoring stations at the same time 24/7. You can check on your home from your vacation, arm or disarm the system remotely from the office, or send commands to your home security system from any web-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Our monitoring services assure you that monitoring center operators with the highest qualifications are on-watch 24/7 from two different monitoring stations both simultaneously monitoring your home. If your alarm signal is activated, an operator will respond instantly, alerting area authorities and staying in communication with you until help arrives.

Why Is Home Security So Important?

The FBI reports that in America a burglary occurs every 10 seconds. A property crime occurs every 3 seconds.

Most American homes are full of valuable electronics and priceless family heirlooms. However, only 25% of these same homes have a security system. The vast majority of security system installations are done after a home has been broken into.

90% of police believe alarms deter burglary attempts. Interestingly enough, 90% of burglars interviewed said they would not attempt to break into a home with a security system.

The numbers are overwhelming:

  • 81% of residential burglaries occur through the first floor.
  • 34% of burglars enter through the front door.
  • 49% of all burglaries occur during the day.
  • 38% of all assaults occur during a home invasion.
  • 60% of all reported rapes occur during a home invasion.